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Thanks Bastards!
My Trash is Your Treasure!
TOPS TOPS TOPS!!!!Collapse )
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All prices include shipping!! (Unless otherwise listed.)

Will accept: Pay Pal, WCC, and Money orders. PAYPAL is preferred. But I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt I wont be screwed over.

As of right now I REALLY need the money, so theres a slim chance I'll trade. But if you want, show me what you've got. Who knows- I might really need those cute heels you have in the back of your closet!

I'll only ship to the U.S. Ask and I may ship elsewhere.
I can rush ship if you need, but you will pay a little extra.

My AIM is teenagekiller3 and my email is emmabelle3@Hotmail.com in case you have any questions, etc. I check my email at least twice a day. I usually am on AIM but with an away message up to avoid people, IM me anyway, I'll get back to you asap!
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